To be the best, you must learn from the best!

Mirroring our football specific approach philosophy, the World Football Academy draws on the best and the brightest to lead football coaches and staff in development. Our instructors are selected from both the world-renowned clubs and associations, and high-profile leaders within the football world. All instructors are selected based on relevance; our end game is to provide you with the content you need to improve your team. The WFA brings the best and most experienced coaches and professionals in the world to your doorstep! Below you’ll find a list of some highlighted experts who have participated in custom programs in the past.

WFA Experts
Expert Raymond Verheijen
Expert Andy Barr
Raymond Verheijen – Periodisation / Football Braining
Andy Barr – Screening & Testing
Simon Bitcon – Football Strength & Core
Frans Hoek – Goalkeeper Coaching
Mikael Kuijpers – Rehabilitation
Marcel Lucassen – Football Technique Training
Damian Roden – Football Conditioning
Expert Simon Bitcon
Expert Frans Hoek
Expert Mikael Kuijpers
Expert Marcel Lucassen
Expert Damian Roden