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Date/Time: 10/01/2015
10:30 am - 6:00 pm
Location: Yasuda Community Plaza / Conference Room B
Speaker(s): Raymond Verheijen
Language: English (Japanese translation)


With an immaculate track record and extensive background in football Raymond Verheijen is the leader in football conditioning and has introduced his unique football specific approach successfully throughout the world. But Verheijen developed, and is still developing, other coaching components.

Every football coach has to deal with the psychological component in football on a daily basis. To further develop their coaching skills, coaches are constantly looking for more football specific psychological knowledge. For many years now Verheijen is using his Football Braining concept during coaching and courses, which seems to be very effective.

During this course Verheijen will introduce and further explain the Football Braining concept. In this concept, psychology is specifically defined in football language. He will show that psychology in football is a matter of learning to cope with unpredictable and uncomfortable situations. Conceding a goal, a red card or taking the decisive penalty: these are all situations in which coaches and players are taken out of their comfort zone. Can they keep thinking about football or are their thoughts distracted by emotions like frustration or lack of self confidence? In short, a football match is a series of uncomfortable situations where coaches and players are put to the test.

Finally, Verheijen will present a case study. In 2011 he used the principles of Football Braining within the national team of Wales. Using video clips of team meetings, Verheijen gives an exclusive look behind the scenes of international top level football, and coaching uncomfortable situations in particular.

We’re very looking forward to hearing from you all.


Organizer :

World Football Academy Japan  J-Dream

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Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd.  E-3 Inc.  NBTC


【 Course program 】

1) Principles of Football Braining
2) Coaching Football Thinking
3) Coaching Player Development
4) Coaching Team Development【Case study : FIFA’s most improved team ever】


【 Course fee 】

Basic course : JPY 21,500 – (tax included)

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* The summary of the PowerPoint document used during the lecture.


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