The demands of the game have increased dramatically in recent times and players are now required to compete in more games, perform a greater number of explosive actions per game and travel further afield to take part in each game.

The need to replenish energy stores, regenerate muscle tissue, optimise sleep patterns and bolster the immune system is therefore of paramount importance. By the very nature of the sport a footballers nutritional requirements are very different to that of the general population and indeed many other sports. Nutrition for football should be viewed therefore with this in mind.

A Balanced Diet

How to understand the role of each nutrient and how to structure the most appropriate meal plans specific to the needs of individual players.


How to understand the need to supplement a balanced diet in order to assist in the recovery process.

Quality and Quantity of Consumption

How to source the “purest” foods and devise the most appropriate nutrition schedule for players of different body types and energy demands.

Measurement Tools

How to use simple methods and/or advances in technology to prescribe individualized nutritional strategies.