Management in Football

After their playing career most young coaches develop their management skills by trial and error. By making almost every single mistake an inexperienced coach can make, they will gradually be able to manage difficult situations.

Unfortunately, a lot of promising management careers are terminated too soon because of the consequences of these early mistakes. As a result, this talented manager will not get another chance to prove himself at the highest level and has to settle for an anonymous career.

Football people who invest in the development of their management skills will be able to avoid most mistakes made by inexperienced coaches.

Dealing with all the different forces

Managers and coaches in both professional and amateur football have to be aware of all the different forces surrounding them like the players, the staff, the board, the sponsors, the media and the fans. Only when they are conscious of this environment they will be able to show their strategical leadership.

To manage a club culture

A manager or coach often gets into trouble when his personal ambitions and drive are not matched by the culture and expectations of his club or the mentality and quality of his squad. Therefore, managers and coaches require strategical skills to control this situation and to gradually lead both club and team into his direction.