Goalkeeper coaching in Football Training

Decision making is an integral part of goalkeeper actions. Based on their game insight goalkeepers have to position themselves correctly, time their actions perfectly and also execute their actions in the right direction and with the required speed in relation to opponents and team-mates.

Consequently, goalkeeper training should primarily take place within game situations.

Goalkeeper development process

At a certain age in youth football goalkeepers specialise themselves. That is the start of the ‘Goalkeeper Development Process’. In several specific phases the talented youth keeper will develop into a top goalkeeper. These phases are age related and also based on the demands of the game at certain age levels. This ‘Goalkeeper Development Process’ should be an integral part of any Youth Academy Structure.

Different styles of goalkeeping

The world renowned goalkeeper expert Frans Hoek generally defines 2 types of goalkeepers: reactive and pro-active keepers. Reactive goalkeepers like German legend Oliver Kahn often stay on their line and react on goal attempts. Pro-active goalkeepers like Dutch star Edwin van der Sar are often more actively involved in game situations by coming off the goalline based on their game insight.

What is the best style of coaching to develop either a reactive or pro-active goalkeeper?