Periodisation is a term given to the planning of all football activities (training, games, etc.) over the course of a season.

The periodisation approach takes into consideration the team, the individual player, players during rehabilitation and youth players withing the Academy structure.

Team periodisation

How to plan and organise the training week/cycle at team level to ensure all players are available for each training session & game and how to make football fitness progress week by week.

Individual Periodisation

Within the Team Periodisation the work load of individual players has to be tailored as every player is different. Special consideration needs to be given to explosive players, ageing players, youth players and players with a history of injury.

Rehabilitation Periodisation

How to structure the complete rehabilitation of a player in line with the team approach to ensure quick, safe and effective integration back into team training and games.

Youth Periodisation

Talented players often struggle physically when making the step from the Academy to the First Team. A clear Youth Periodisation allows talents to smoothly integrate into the First Team training without suffering an injury or set-back.