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Football Technique Training, Toyama, Japan

Last weekend Marcel Lucassen presented a Football Technique Training Basic and Advanced Course in Toyama, Japan. Coaches from all over Japan learned the importance of having an objective football reference when coaching. Marcel Lucassen also taught them how the ‘Football Action Analysis Model’ can improve their analysis of the game and gave them tips on […]

WFA Japan Tour 2014/2015

Thanks to all Japanese coaches who attended one of the courses during the WFA Japan Tour 2014/2015. Courses were hosted in Osaka, Tokyo,Toyama and Yokohama by Kohei Sagara and Raymond Verheijen. Dec 27 – Osaka: Basic Course (Level 1 + 2)  Periodisation in Football Dec 28 – Tokyo: Basic Course (Level 1 + 2)  Periodisation in […]

Football Technique Training

Last weekend, 9-10th of August, German’s Technique Trainer Marcel Lucassen gave a basic course to almost 100 coaches in Osaka and Yokohama. Both days started with a theoretical session where Marcel explained the Football Action Analysis Model. After that Marcel introduced how to practice this theory into various patterns by simple training forms. Unfortunately, due […]

WFA Japan courses – January 2014

Last month World Football Academy Japan organised 12 seminars all over Japan. WFA Periodisation expert Kohei Sagara delivered basic courses in Kitakyushu, Tokyo, Osaka and Toyama.  All these basic courses were held in Japanese. After the basic courses Raymond Verheijen delivered several advanced and specialist courses. The 90 delegates who participated in the specialist course are […]