The starting point of any effective training programme includes an awareness of a player’s physical attributes against predetermined values.

By performing essential screening and testing that relates to the demands of the game, individual programmes can be implemented that optimise fitness levels for the complete season.

Football Movement Screening

Inability to perform movements effectively and efficiently could increase the risk of injuries through poor mechanics or overuse.

How to perform ‘Football Movement Screening’ of the postures and movements performed during football actions.

How to identify areas in need of immediate attention that will not only reduce the risk of injury but also help to improve other fitness components.

Football Strength Testing

Tests performed at specific times throughout the season can provide invaluable feedback about the effectiveness of the training methods, any necessary interventions and help to determine how far a player is from returning to training when injured.

Many football actions such as accelerating, decelerating, jumping and shooting require the player to exert force explosively to move the body whilst bearing weight on one leg.

How to assess a players ability to generate and absorb force on one leg will provide important information about the type of training needs but also identify a players potential leg imbalances that could predispose them to unnecessary injury.