Functional Football Technique

In football, the main criteria for a good pass is whether the ball arrives by a team mate in the right position, at the correct moment and with the desired speed. How this pass is exactly carried out, is in the first place not relevant.

In football it’s about the end result and not so much about an ‘ideal technique’. This is often referred to as ‘functional technique’.

Nevertheless, in football the term technique is often connected with the manner of how to handle the ball. Usually, one speaks about technique as if dealing with the ball can be viewed in isolation from, for example, insight in the game.

However, matters such as game insight and technique cannot be viewed separately from each other. Without game insight, technique runs the danger of being meaningless and becoming an aim in itself. On the other hand, a player who is blessed with a good game insight, but is unable to receive or pass a ball will not be able to contribute much on the field.

Football Training = Technique Training

Football training means, training the game with its logical structure. For this reason 11v11 is always the starting point when developing a training session. Obviously, 11v11 is not always the ideal training exercise given certain training objectives.

This is especially true for football Technique Training. In that case the 11v11 must be simplified without losing the typical characteristics of the game of football, such as complexity and unpredictability. Game insight and decision making should always be an integral part of football Technique Training.

Position Specific Football Technique Training

Although every player on each position much be able to execute all football actions, there are differences between playing positions with respect to space and time to make actions.

For example, attackers often receive the ball with their back to the opponent’s goal while defenders have play in front of them most of the time.

As a consequence, the positioning, timing, direction and speed within a particular football action is very specific for each playing position.