The ability to accelerate and decelerate in a controlled fashion during explosive football actions is important to help prevent injury and optimize performance.

Repetitive forward, backward, sideways and rotational movements during the game can often lead to fatigue, a lack of coordination, inability to perform technical actions effectively and even injury.

The objective of ‘Football Strength & Core Training’ is to improve the ability to generate (acceleration) and absorb (deceleration) forces during explosive football actions. This type of training can be an effective part of a structured ‘periodised’ training programme using a gradual and progressive build up taking individual differences into account.

Football Strength Training

Most explosive football actions are executed after a change of direction. In other words, players often accelerate (concentric) after a deceleration (eccentric). Therefore, the transition from an eccentric muscle contraction to a concentric muscle contraction should be a dominant characteristic in Football Strength Training.

How to effectively implement a football Strength programme specific to the needs of each individual player around pitch based training sessions and games and prepare the body for explosive actions.

How to progress from double leg “predictable” movements to single leg “random & reactive” movements and incorporate “explosivity” within the football session without compromising the quality.

Football Core Training

How to implement a “little and often” approach to core stability programme that enhances strength, power and endurance.