“Football Periodisation” Basic & Advanced seminar registration is open!!

The world leader in soccer conditioning, Raymond Verheijen is coming to Japan in December!  This visit will mark his second return to Japan since his hugely successful seminar last year.  The sessions will be based on the soccer-specific approach theory “Football Periodisation”, which continues to achieve results worldwide.  This year, the advanced seminar is available in addition to the basic seminar!!


In the current soccer world, conditioning elements are more important than ever.

The theory “Football Periodisation” is known for leading teams FC Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester City to major success. The secret was a special training plan that fits their busy schedules, allowing each player to perform at peak capacity during training and matches throughout the season while avoiding injuries.

By applying theory “Football Periodisation”, the Korean, Russian and Australian national teams achieved success in major tournaments such as the World Cup and the European Football Championship.

The Holland based soccer team Feyenoord made the decision to invite Raymond Verheijen as an advisor and apply the theory “Football Periodisation” at youth stage. As a result, they were named the best youth team by the Royal Dutch Football Association for 3 consecutive years.

As proven by results around the world, the theory “Football Periodisation” successfully improves performance and prevents injuries using a football-specific approach. It is strongly recommended to the next generation of football educators and physical therapists.


Organizer : World Football Academy Japan  J-Dream

Partner : Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd.  Kanagawa Institute of Technology  E-3 Inc.  NBTC

Instructor : Raymond Verheijen   Translator : Kohei Sagara


【 Basic (Introduction) seminar 】

≪ Date and place for Amateur coach ≫

08-December   11:00 – 15:00       Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Media hall

1030, Shimo-ogino, Atsugi, Kanagawa, 243-0292, Japan   (TEL) 046-241-9394

15-December   11:00 – 15:00       J-Green Sakai, Club house, Meeting room

145, Yawata-machi, Chikko, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka, 591-0901, Japan   (TEL) 072-222-0123


≪ Date and place for Professional (J-league / JFA etc.) coach ≫

10-December   11:00 – 15:00       Saitama Stadium, Ball room

500, Nakanoda, Midori-ku, Saitama, Saitama, 336-0971, Japan   (TEL) 048-812-2002


【 Advanced seminar (must be attended Basic seminar before) 】

≪ Date and place for Amateur coach ≫

09-December   09:15 – 17:00       Kanagawa Institute of Technology

* Advanced seminar in Kanagawa was closed registration, because of reaching the capacity!! *

<Theory>  Media hall     <Practice>  Football field (artificial grass)

1030, Shimo-ogino, Atsugi, Kanagawa, 243-0292, Japan   (TEL) 046-241-9394

16-December   09:15 – 17:00        J-Green Sakai

<Theory>  Club house, Meeting room     <Practice>  Futsal field with roof (hybrid turf)

145, Yawata-machi, Chikko, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka, 591-0901, Japan   (TEL) 072-222-0123


≪ Date and place for Professional (J-league / JFA etc.) coach ≫

11-December   09:15 – 17:00       Saitama Stadium

<Theory>  Ball room     <Practice>  No.4 Field (artificial grass)

500, Nakanoda, Midori-ku, Saitama, Saitama, 336-0971, Japan   (TEL) 048-812-2002


* Registrants are not required to play during the practice session. However, the seminars will take place outdoors, and participants are responsible for bringing warm clothing and rainwear (The Osaka location has a rooftop).

* Registrants may participate in both the basic and advanced seminars.

(Lodging facilities are available at the Osaka location「J-Green Sakai Dream Camp  Reservation : 072-282-0100」)


【 Program 】

≪ Basic seminar ≫

Coaches of all abilities, regardless of the level of coaching qualification that they hold, will be able to access.

1)  The Analysis of Football     2)  Football Fitness     3)  Football Conditioning Exercises

4)  Periodisation Model     5)  Training Planning of a Complete Season


≪ Advanced seminar ≫   NEW

In order to attend the advanced seminar, registrants must complete the basic seminar first. The advanced seminar includes lectures and practice sessions.

1)  Team Periodisation     2)  Individual Periodisation

3)  Football Conditioning Exercises  (Practice)     4)  Rehabilitation Periodisation


【 Seminar fee 】

Basic seminar  :  JPY 10,000-          Advanced seminar  :  JPY 20,000-

* Overseas remittance fee have to paid by registrant’s own expense.

* The summary of the PowerPoint document used during the lecture and a diploma certified by WFA will be provided to all participants.


【 Registration 】

If you would like to register, please follow the instructions below and send an email to “info@worldfootballacademy.jp”.

1)  Please type “Football Periodisation Seminar Registration” in the title box.

2)  Please send an email including the following information.

① Name (full name for certification) ② Date of Birth ③ Gender ④ Address of residence

⑤ Telephone number (Work & Mobile) ⑥ E-mail address ⑦ Team, Company name

⑧ Function, Title (Head coach, Physical coach, Doctor etc.)

⑨ Choice of seminars (Indicate which seminar you would like to attend. Participants may register for both seminars.)

* Please note that your personal information will be recorded in the WFA database.

3)  We will send you a reply email with your registration number and payment instructions. The registration will complete after the payment is made by the due date.


【 Cancel policy(for all seminar)】

Will be canceled if you have an unavoidable reasons, please contact to WFA Japan.

The cancellation fee will be as below, and overseas remittance fee have to paid by registrant’s own expense.

* Until closing date for registration (18-November)  :  0% of seminar fee (full refund)

* From 19-November to 30-November  :  50% of seminar fee (50% refund)

* From 01-December to 07-December  :  75% of seminar fee (25% refund)

* After 08-December  :  100% of seminar fee (no refund)


【 Closing date for registration 】   18th November 2012


【 Contact・Media reception 】

World Football Academy Japan     E-mail  :  info@worldfootballacademy.jp   K.Kawai (Mr.)